Hand Writing

Hand Writing

We all have more knowledge of the Golden Proportion than we ever suspected. Our handwriting shows the Golden Proportion over and over. When we write, we place a horizontal bar in the capital (upper case) letters, A E F R B H P quite casually and without any thought. When these letters are enlarged and measured, we see that the horizontal bar divides the letter into a larger and a smaller part which is usually surprisingly close to the Golden Proportion, as seen in the letters B and E below. Similarly the horizontal bar of the T is also divided into the Golden Proportion.


In the same way, the artists quite naturally or instinctively used this proportion so it should not be too surprising to see the Golden Proportion appearing in the examples of arts and crafts.

alphabetAll this despite the carefull training that we have all had to make the top and bottom half of the letters equal size as can be seen on the practice tables, right side[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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