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Dr. Eddy Levin

Dr. Eddy LevinMany years ago, when I was a young dentist, starting out in my own practice, I became intrigued with finding out why, after all my hard work to make teeth look natural, the teeth still looked false. What was the secret of nature, the secret of beauty, that kept eluding me? By coincidence, I was studying the Golden Proportion at the same time as I was trying to find out what made teeth look beautiful. It was at a moment, like when Archimedes got into his bath, that I suddenly realized that the two were connected – the Golden Proportion and the beauty of teeth. I began to put this into practise and started testing my ideas on my patients.

My first case was a young girl in a hospital, where I was teaching, whose front teeth were in a terrible state and needed crowning. Despite the scepticism of the other members of staff and the unenthusiastic technicians with whom I had to work and whose co-operation I depended upon, I crowned all her front teeth, using the principles of the Golden Proportion. Everybody, including the young lady herself, agreed that her teeth now looked magnificent. The technician involved went on himself to give lectures on the application of the Golden Proportion to dentistry.

For the past twenty-two years I have been putting this application into practice in my surgery in Harley Street where I have been gratified by my many patients’ delight with my work on their mouths. During that time I have been writing, giving lectures and courses on the Golden Proportion, to dentists and lay people all over the world. My writing is compulsory study in many American Dental Schools and more and more people have taken the principle of the Golden Proportion on board, studied and written about the concept and put it into practice in their dental surgeries.

Since my discovery of the application of The Golden Proportion to teeth, I have expanded my interest in this concept beyond teeth and out into the Universe, where every day I find new breathtaking revelations that I am eager to share, just as I shared my original discovery. Thus I come to the content of this book, in which I offer the reader, not only a brief outline of my original work with teeth, but also a glimpse of my work since that time in other amazing spheres. My hope is that the reader may derive as much pleasure and inspiration from the working of the Universe as I myself do.


  • Interviewed by Jane Weavis for her Golden Proportion project. Interesting views from other academics.


The updated application of the golden¬†proportion to dental aesthetics”¬†published in the May 2011 issue of “Aesthetic dentistry today.” This article illustrates some of the common dental problems and errors made. Author: Eddy Levin

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