Standard Gauge Particularly suitable for
aesthetic landmarks.
Dental grid Easy to use tear-off grids. Gives immediate
aesthetic information.
New Dental Set Comprehensive.
PhiMatrix Dental grid Very versatile software showing Phi ratios
horizontraly, vertically, circles, spirals, rectangles....
Basic Gauge Precision made in 2mm Perspex

The Golden Proportion

The Golden Proportion is an ancient phenomenon unlocking an unparalleled understanding of beauty in nature, art, and science, known about since the time of the Ancient Greeks. The Golden Proportion is your first step toward an eye-opening adventure that will enrich your life with a new understanding. It will take you on a journey of discovery into an unexpected dimension of beauty affecting our lives at every turn.

The major landmarks of the beauty of nature all seem to be related together through the Golden Proportion. Notice how numerous they are on the moth wing. If one of them is a fraction out of place, then it would upset the Golden balance of all of them – such as, if an artist tried to copy them. Hence, one cannot change a dot, nor a comma, of the Sacred Texts. In the same way as one cannot improve the beauty of anything in nature, other than with plastic surgery which, unfortunately may have the reverse effect.

The Golden Mean Gauge

Using the Golden Proportion Gauge will enable you to enrich your life with a new understanding of the beauty in nature, art and science. The Golden Proportion has been known about since the time of the ancient Greeks who used it in their works of art. It can be used for your own art and design, confident of success. Children love to play with it in their simple explorations of beauty and simultaneously learn some of the basic maths of fractions, proportions, arithmetic and geometric progressions, quadratic equations etc. This is the original gauge made by Dr Levin, still the cheapest and most accurate. Laser cut from stainless steel to give the accuracy to measure from very small to larger items. Expect it to last a life time. A perfect Christmas present for anyone interested in the beauty of nature, art and science.

The Concept

The concept of the Golden Proportion is easy to understand but its very simplicity has been perplexing and so this enchanting proportion has thus not been appreciated at large. Hard to believe that such a simple concept can be at the core of so much confused discussion about proportion.

Proportion usually implies a relationship between a larger and a smaller. To clarify the Golden Proportion concept, the adjacent figure shows a number of pairs of lines of different lengths and their ratio to each other. The last line shows the ratio of 1 to 0.618, which is the simplest form of the Golden Proportion.


The Golden Proportion (also known as the golden mean, golden ratio, golden section and phi) is found in mathematics, nature and the arts. Applications include art, architecture, design. It is used in aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery. It is even found in literature and crop circles. It’s appearances and applications never cease to amaze. My hope is that through this site you may find new pleasure and inspiration through an increased understanding of the working of the Universe.

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