Crop Circles

Crop Circles

Crop circle pictures by courtesey of Lucy Pringle

The crop circles are huge, about 300 feet in diameter. The pattern is made by the difference between the standing crop and the flattened crop, but even the flattened stalks are very different from just ordinary bent over or trodden on stalks. Found mainly in fields of cereal, wheat, barley, rye etc The nodes on the stalks are often enlarged and the distance between the nodes is often increased. The novice, standing in the midst of a crop circle, may have no idea of the magnitude of this phenomena, a reflection of ordinary life, being in the midst of a cosmic event with no notion of what is happening around him or her. It is only when and if one is privileged to see the crop circle from a height, i.e. the top of a hill, from a helicopter, or a photograph from these heights, that the intricate pattern becomes clear. There are more and more reports coming in of their presence being found abroad but mostly they appear in Wiltshire, Southern England They have been reported for the past 100 years but the intensity, frequency and complexity seem to have increased ,year by year with a total number of many thousands. over the past 25 years.

Amongst them, some are identified as fakes and a number of individuals take great pride in confessing their involvement, but most people would agree that the sophistication and sheer beauty of the geometry is way beyond the ordinary person’s ability
As yet there are no totally plausible theories as to how they have been made.
They are often reported as appearing overnight. The most popular theory to date is a connection with UFOs, but with negligible evidence.

The adjacent pictures show the Golden Mean Gauge superimposed on the dominant features, showing the golden proportion between the large and the small segments. This is just another example of beauty in the world around us that is in the Golden Proportion.

{Picture to be inserted showing the enlarged nodes and not bent at ground level and discolouration}

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